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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What is Communion? by Vicky Stankus - Review

What is Communion?
Vicky wrote What is Communion? for the same reason I wrote my first book. I have to like that. Her children had questions about Communion and there were no resources that explained what she wanted them to know.

What is Communion? does a good job of laying out the basics of what Communion is and why we do it. It is written in simple question and answer format with simple black line illustrations (done by her dad).

Having these truths in a book is great with young children because they want you to read over and over. They don’t have to get it all at once because you can cover it again next time you read the book. With the questions in the book you can refer back to just one part if they are asking about something.

I think Vicky’s book is worth getting to read with your children. It will give a good foundation to talk with them about Communion and what it means to you.

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