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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Time Saving Encouragement

Get out a pencil and paper. 
Listen with full attention.

This is how I feel when I listen to Lorrie Flem do a presentation.

My life right now is not allowing me to do so. 
Maybe yours won’t either.

I decided what I really needed was to take the nuggets that caught my attention and focus on just those. 
Lorrie’s messages are so loaded with practical wisdom I would have a list far too long if I wrote it all down. Trust me I have taken notes on her talks, they’re loaded!

This month I was sent the mp3 of Lorrie’s message 12 Simple Time Saving Tips for Mom for review as a Gabby Mom. This means I am giving you my honest opinion on this message I received from Eternal Encouragement.

The 12 simple tips are more like 12 areas where you can save yourself time and therefore stress. I’ve listen 3 times, all while doing something else (one of Lorrie’s tips by the way- multitask when it’s reasonable).

The nuggets I caught were:
  •           to create a realistic schedule with ALL my responsibilities and buffers
  •          add approximate times to complete a task when I put it on the “to do” list
  •          take time to plan, but don’t just plan, do the plan. I don’t know that Lorrie said that last part but I know I must add it for myself.

As with any of the talks I have heard Lorrie give this one would be well worth the investment. She recommends several of her other resources as they relate to the tip she is covering. This is done to offer more resources and detailed information if there is one area you are really struggling in (like I think I need to get the one about building a brain).
I encourage you to visit Eternal Encouragement and look at the resources Lorrie offers. There’s something for every mother, wife, homeschooler and Christian woman.


  1. Thanks for sharing the 'nuggets' you found. How are you doing with doing them ?

    1. Thank you for reading Cindy, and for asking. I have a "working" schedule. I have some days I still do too much planning and not enough doing. To get my schedule down better I think I need to spend a week recording how long things take me to do things. I find tasks I thought would be quick are not and things I put off because they'll take too long go quickly. I'll try to post about my progress on the weekends.

  2. I always try to write down every good thing Lorrie says and end up writing down a complete outline of her message. LOL Its all so good! I also went to using a "brain" although my format is a little different than hers. It has been so helpful to me in getting things done. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I totally understand Carie. I have pages from our curriculum fair last spring. I need to work on the "brain" idea, but not get lost in the designing and organizing a I too often do. I'm glad you have a system that's working for you.

  3. Well, now you have me curious about this "brain" idea! :)

    I'm off to the site to find that one.

    Sounds like another one of Lorrie's wonderfully encouraging talks! :)

    -Laurie, a fellow Gabby Mom

    1. Thank you for reading Laurie. Lorrie's talks are so encouraging. She is certainly using her gifts to bless.

  4. I take notes, too, when I listen to Lorrie!

    1. Hello Besty! Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment.
      Now to just go back and review all those notes... :)

  5. Hi Mukkove! Great post- I like to multi-task too!

    1. Thank you! I love to multitask when I'm successful at it :) There are some things I wish I could multitask better, but at least I'm learning my limitations.