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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rest - Defined

I may be very strange. Quite sure I am. I like to read the dictionary. There you have it. Something about clarity and preciseness, learning history and application. Anyway, now you know.
 I began this year focusing on One Word. For someone like me who can overcomplicate anything it seems a marvelous idea.
So you guessed it I went to the dictionary. My favorite dictionary to read is Webster’s 1828. Mine is a facsimilie, but I can pretend it’s old, it’s weighty anyway. Mr. Webster provided me with many insights on rest.
Today I’ll share my favorites and plan to revisit and expound as I travel through my year of rest. 
Rest is both a noun and a verb. I like that it is a thing to be had as well as a thing to do. I long for both.
I wonder if one of God’s names is rest? I think it has to be, it’s certainly included in Prince of Peace and Jehovah Shalom. I long for Him.
Rest: n
1. …Cessation of motion of action of any kind, … the mind is at rest when it ceases to be disturbed or agitated;
2. a state of reconciliation with God. (Matt 6)
6. A place of quiet; permanent habitation (Duet 12)
8. That upon which any thing leans or lies for support.
11. Final hope
13. The gospel church or new covenant state in which the people of God enjoy repose, and Christ shall be glorified. (Is 11)
1. To cease from action or motion of any kind; to stop
2. To cease from labor, work, or performance.
3. To be quiet or still: to be undisturbed.
5. To be quiet or tranquil, as the mind; not to be agitated by fear, anxiety or other passion.
9. To lean; to recline for support
10. To stand on, to be supported by
11. To be satisfied
12. To lean; to trust; to rely;
13. To continue fixed.
16. To abide; to remain with.
17. To be calm or composed in mind.
Have you chosen One Word?
Do you have another focus for 2012?
What’s something silly about you?
Please share. I’d love to get to know you better.

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