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Monday, February 20, 2012

Out of Season- or Not?

Today as I was driving I saw pussy willows along the road. 

This happens every winter in Alaska. Sometime in February or March when most everyone thinks they can’t stand anymore winter we’ll have a warm spell. Some pussy willows will burst forth their soft fuzzy grey. Out in the woods some mosquitoes will hatch. I think its God reminding us that spring will indeed come, even though we have many more weeks of winter coming.

How often do I think a person, event, or message is out of season?  They don’t seem to fit; it’s not time for that now. A child. A marriage. A word. A ministry.

Perhaps they are meant to be sources of hope. Rather than judgment and confusion for those who seem out of season I should receive the encouragement that God has his own plan for all of us. His plan is not required to meet any human standard. None. Not time, logic, or least of all our plans or comfort.
Am I called to be out of season? Are you?

I believe we are. We are in a dark, lost world getting darker by the day – unless. Unless we who are the light will step out of the season of darkness, destruction and judgment with our light. Light always triumphs over darkness. Always.

Being out of season with the world should be easy. If it’s not perhaps we have forgotten we are light.
Being out of season with your family or church is much harder. Connection with the Father is so important when he calls you out of season. He sustains in all seasons. He can only sustain what is connected. He is the Vine. A branch in season or out will die apart from the vine.

Out of season but in His will is blessing. Blessing to me. Blessing to those who receive encouragement.

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