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Saturday, December 31, 2011

God's Best for 2012

There are too many things I want to say. Too many directions I want to go. 
Looking back. 
Looking ahead. 
I hope to corral these thoughts into something meaningful and encouraging for you. 
For now though it seems I will have to simply wish you God's best in 2012. I pray you will know him better and will be walking more fully in his plans for you. I pray I will be, too.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Random Thoughts

I have these ideas I want to record, write about, share.

Usually I write them down with hopes of getting them written up and fleshed out just perfect. However, I see that right now getting written down is impressive so I am going to post them as I jotted them down and hope to get back to them someday :)

God is big enough to start over with me whenever I chose to let him. My past can only hold me back if I hold onto it.

I cannot be denied when I am standing on God's Word, pursuing his promise and his presence.

Year of rest. It can only be a year of rest if I actually rest.

People's adverse reactions to our love or us does not mean we've done anything wrong. Look at Jesus!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

River of Living Water

I had a picture of someone sitting in a river, water washing over them. The river is the River of Life. They are sitting in the river crying. As the living water washes over them the tears are transformed into treasures.

The water is the Kingdom, the Word, promises, power, and blessing. Sitting on the bank one can see the Kingdom, the power, the blessings, the richness. However sitting on the bank one cannot fully participate in the Kingdom. Manifestation of the Kingdom in each life depends on how fully immersed in the river that life is, at the moment and over time. It takes time in the river to be washed of old habits and wrong thinking. As the washing takes place there is more room for living water inside as well as around. Since it is Living Water fully submersed is the safest place to be.

I realized in many ways I have been watching the river flow by. I long to be part of it, yet I stand at the edge with just my toes in the water. I need to walk out to the middle, sit down and be fully submersed. I need the washing, refreshing, empowering. I need it 24/7.

I tend to be kind of extreme so I think I would love to have a life of solitude with only God and his Word. However God has not placed me in a season of life where I can do anything like that. I have a family and responsibilities. It would be an easy out anyway because it's easy to love people who aren't around to annoy you.

 I will read his Word more. I will meditate on it through the day. I will think his thoughts over my own. Right now we are taking a break from our lessons so I think I will listen as much as I can right now as well.

Are you in the River?
How do you stay in the Living Water in the midst of your busy life?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Joining Gabby Moms in 2012

I am honored to be part of Gabby Moms 2012. Never heard of Gabby Moms? Here's how they say it:

We are wives.

We are moms.

We are homemakers.

And most importantly, we are followers of Jesus, seeking to follow His word in creating our homes and shaping our families for Him!

The Gabby Moms are a group of mom bloggers who review products for Eternal Encouragement Magazine (formerly TEACH Magazine).
(Click here for more about Gabby Moms)

Every month there will be a review of a product that will help you as a wife, mom, homemaker and especially a follower of Jesus. Lorrie Flem of Eternal Encouragement Magazine has a wonderful ministry and heart for mentoring women. I so look forward to what I will learn from the other Gabby Moms this year.

Will I Ever Get This Right? features my first review for Gabby Moms.
If you have found me because of Gabby Moms allow me to introduce myself. I live in Alaska with my high school sweetheart and our three children. The oldest is 12 and we have educated them at home since birth :) My youngest awaits us in heaven. We have farmed and been in business for ourselves. We are now transitioning into my husband having a regular job. Along with being a  wife, mom, homemaker and follower of Jesus I am an author. My first book, Christmas is About Jesus was released in 2009 and Easter is About Jesus will be released in 2012. Both are devotional books for families.

If you're a Gabby Mom please say "Hi" and leave your contact information.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Interview with Author Sherry Riffle

 After reading Sherry's book Where did Mommy Go? I wanted to know more about her and her book. I invited Sherry to share her thoughts here.

Tell us about yourself

I am just a small town girl who loves Christ. He is my EVERYTHING! I was born and raised in a rural area in southeast Ohio situated along the beautiful Ohio River. I married my high school sweetheart and have been happily married for 20 years. I have 5 children in which we have adopted 4. I am a HUGE advocate for adoption through foster care. Every child deserves a loving home!

What is the story behind Where Did Mommy Go?

On June 3, 1999, I awoke to news that my only sister had been killed in a car accident. At the young age of 23, she left behind a very scared and confused little boy. He was only 6 years old.

My husband and I took him into our home and tried to help slowly patch the broken pieces of his life back together. Each time that he would ask questions, I added to his confusion by giving him half-truths. In the mist of my own grief, I realized that he was so innocent about death. I was the one that was uncomfortable talking about it. I knew he needed answers but I didn’t know how to answer him. 

One evening I sat down and wrote this story for him. I believe this story to be divinely given to help him understand and heal. I wanted a story where he would be able to associate without being associated. I wrote it to be real with Sarah speaking as a child would speak with broken and improper English. He loved it! It answered many of his unanswered questions and helped him to move on with life.

This story sat in my basement for approximately 10 years then I felt a push to send it to a publisher. This past spring, my story was released to the public. Little did I know that God would take this tragedy and turn it into a tool to help not only my new son but other children as well.

What has been helpful to your family in times of loss?

Prayer has been essential to getting us through our time of grief. I feel at times that we weren't in control but Christ cradled and carried us through those overwhelming times. He sheltered us when it was too much to bear and then gave us peace. Christ is with us always!

How do you teach children to accept comfort from Jesus?

I believe that if you teach children to pray then they will open themselves up to an intimate relationship with Christ. He is always there for us and prayer is a direct way to communicate with him. Something so simple yet so powerful!

Have you written other books?

I have written a total of five children’s books. Each one was created with a specific purpose in mind and has morals woven into the story. Where Did Mommy Go was my second story and the only one that has been submitted and published. I have started a biography about adopting through foster care in the US. At this time, it is several months from being finished. 

Can you tell me more about your passion for adoption through foster care?

We knew when Christ placed adoption on our hearts that we wanted the kids that "no one wanted"...the so called "damaged kids". All kids deserve a home! I would hear people talk about wanting to adopt from other countries. That is great but we can't forget God's babies that are here. All they want is for someone to spend some time with them and love them.

Every step of getting set up for adoption through foster care was so easy. God walked with us in every step. After we received our homestudy, we submitted for our daughter. Within a couple months, we received word from her case worker of our match. God worked so fast! That was the first of our four adoptions. We probably would have adopted more but we ran out of room in our house and car.

If I ever have a hand at leading one person in the direction of adoption through foster care, I know that I have done the will of my Savior. I will rejoice because a family is a special gift. If God has placed it on your heart to adopt, please contact your local Department of Job and Family Services to take your first step in adopting through foster care.

How do people get Where Did Mommy Go? Where Did Mommy Go is available at numerous websites including www.wheredidmommygo.com , www.Amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com and www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=978-1-61739-720-2

Contact Sherry: wheredidmommygo@yahoo.com

My post about Where Did Mommy Go?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Where Did Mommy Go? Book Review

Where Did Mommy Go? 
by Sherry L. Riffle

After reading the book with my children I asked what they thought. They said:
I like it because it talks about heaven in a way kids can understand. I like the pictures. It teaches to not be just sad when someone dies because they are going to heaven. It’s okay to be happy. I liked the illustrations. I could relate to the little girl because I lost my Grampa.
Death is a hard concept for children to understand. To make matters worse the adults in their life are often too busy or so involved in their own grief they don’t take the time to find out what the children’s questions are.

This summer my children lost their Grandfather. We lost a mentor and friend.  It’s hard to deal with the emotions. The ups and downs.

Where Did Mommy Go? is a good reminder to slow down and get my children’s perspective on what has happened and what they are struggling with.
Sherry Riffle shares wonderfully how the things adults say make no sense to children. In trying to get ourselves off the hook with tough questions we can cause more confusion for our children.

Jesus is always our comfort. Loss is a time to model and teach our children to find comfort in him.

My one caution would be to be very sure your children understand God requires us to accept his gift of salvation. People do not simply go to heaven when they die, no matter what. For young ones this can be as simple as ABC. Admit we are sinners in need of a Savior. Believe Jesus did all that was required for us to be right with God. Confess Jesus as Lord.

If, or when, your family goes through loss Where Did Mommy Go? may be a helpful reminder and discussion starter for you.  

Tomorrow I'll share an interview with Sherry.
Contact Sherry: wheredidmommygo@yahoo.com

Where Did Mommy Go is available at numerous websites including www.wheredidmommygo.com , www.Amazon.comwww.barnesandnoble.com and www.tatepublishing.com/bookstore/book.php?w=978-1-61739-720-2

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas is About Jesus: December 1 * SnowFlakes

I will be sharing daily thoughts, links and activities @ Christmas is About Jesus. I hope you will follow along :)
Christmas is About Jesus: December 1 * SnowFlakes: I praise you becuase you made me in an amazing and wonderful way. What you have done is wonderful. I know this very well. ...