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Thursday, January 12, 2012

My One Word 2012 – Rest

I had this word, rest, before I heard of My One Word. I was reluctant to receive it at first. 2011 was a very tough year for me and my family. 
I need rest. When my husband mentioned 2012 as “a year of rest” however I inwardly went “Yeah, right! I wish.”  
Still it stuck with me and kept coming back to mind. One Sunday I realized I could have a year of rest if I chose to rest. God has offered his rest (Matt 11:28), but it does me no good if I don’t choose it. Just as he offers salvation to every soul who has ever lived, but it does them no good if they do not choose to accept it.
I spent most of 2011 waiting for some magical rest to descend upon me. God doesn’t normally work that way. He has made all the needed preparations.
 I must come. 
So I choose to rest. 
It’s hard. Old habits are hard to break. Changing how I think and respond is tough, but oh so worth it.

I am learning about rest. I hope to encourage you to rest in the love of God as I share my journey. You  may want to consider your own One Word for 2012.

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