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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Eternal Encouragement Newsletter Review for Gabby Moms

"Dedicated to women who hunger and search for righteousness where the fruit is peace, quietness, confident trust, and a sparkle in her eye."
This is the mission of Lorrie Flem at Eternal Encouragement. She is a delightful lady.
Her newsletter Serenity for your Soul  is brief, honest and encouraging. Lorrie shares events and thoughts from her life so you know she's human, like this:
I told you I was having surgery last week. I did it because I really had no choice. The orthopedic surgeon gave me two choices, "Wear men's shoes or have surgery." Like I said, he gave me no choice. Now I am hobbling around in a new black boot; all of a sudden men's shoes have a brand new appeal to me!  
The scriptural message in this last newsletter is just what I need to remember. I can not do any of what I am called to do, much less all of it, unless I am relying on God's strength in Christ Jesus.
If you could use a little more encouragement, and a giggle or two, sign up for Serenity for your Soul at Eternal Encouragement.Scroll down a bit and fill in the form titled "Sign Up for Our Newsletter", easy and free :)

Disclaimer: As an official Gabby Mom I was asked to post this honest review. I do receive the newsletter, it is free so you can, too!


  1. nicely done...and yes, this was a reminder we all need. Not our strength, but HIS :)

  2. Nice review! Thanks for sharing :) I love it when Lorrie shares about her personal life, it makes me remember that she's not just "preaching" at me.

  3. I enjoy reading Lorrie's articles also. Thankyou for sharing your review.

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my review. Have a blessed day :)