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Friday, January 20, 2012

Always Remember

How do we redeem our loss?
 Where is there peace in our grief?
 How do we find comfort and hope?
May the God of all comfort
be your hope and peace.
Only He can redeem our grief. His comfort brings hope and peace

When we lost our unborn son in May of 2003 we were given many precious gifts. As I try to simplify my life and reduce the things in my home I have had to let most of them go. It's hard for me to part with gifts of love. It's also hard to have things around that may cause visitors to wonder questions they don't know how to ask. One gift I have kept is a small wooden paddle with a lighthouse and Peace. We know it is in honor of Josiah, to others it is a decoration in our bathroom. It reminds me of all the love poured out on our family.

I created this gift for my brother and his family. I hope it will do the same for them.

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