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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Great Family Listening

This month as a Gabby Mom we got a great bonus, the complete audio of The Swamp Robber from The Sugar Creek Gang series. In exchange for the CD I’m giving you my honest review.

We really enjoyed the story. We’ve listened twice now, some while riding in the car, some while weeding, some while sorting out the book shelves to get ready for school. The story is told by a young boy who very honestly shares his thoughts about family, friends and faith. Even better it’s all set in an exciting adventure that keeps the kids listening. The story teller is a Christian and has a group, The Sugar Creek Gang, of mostly Christian friends. They encourage and challenge each other in their faith in the midst of real life events and adventures. I see this being a good conversation starter with my children about their faith and feelings because there is someone their own age voicing feelings and beliefs.

My family was given some movies of the Sugar Creek gang a couple of years ago. We have enjoyed them, watching them more over and over. All of us enjoyed these audios, readings of the actual books more than the movies.

The audio came on 2 CDs. At the beginning of a couple of chapters there seemed to be a little bit of a glitch, it would play a little and then jump back to the beginning of the chapter, nothing missing from the story. There are 36 books in this wonderful series. I see lots of great listening in our future.

You can listen to this story for yourself, FREE. You can get your own copy from Beloved Books.
Beloved Books is also offering $12 off each CD set with this code: Lorrie12 Each set contains 6 books.

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