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Monday, March 18, 2013

Vocabulary Spelling City Review - Part 2

I accepted an offer for a month free trial of full features of Spelling City. We’ve been using it for about 3 weeks.
The Toolbox is full of great features. I can manage students, create lists and assignments, and track the progress of each child.
I have chosen several activities that I want each child to do for each list of words I enter. I entered words from our reading curriculum. Words lists can be added one word at a time, in a batch, or cut and paste from another document. Not only can you save custom word lists you can save sets of assignments. This makes getting ready for next week simple.
One activity requires them to write sentences with the word list. They can have their sentence read back to them by the computer to see if they typed what they meant or left any words out. They can edit their sentences before submitting them. They go to the writing section in your Toolbox for you to grade.
On the vocabulary side they can play games with lists you make or lists already in the system. There are math, science and geography lists ready to go.
Besides the online games you can print many of the activities for off the computer use.
They also offer lesson plans and a wealth of language education related articles and links.
At just under $30 a year for 5 students it’s a great value.

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