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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Year of Rest in Review

My year of writing on rest, hoping to learn to rest is coming to an end. How did it go? Have I learned anything?
I certainly haven’t come as far as I hoped. That really is no surprise. Realistic goals and expectations are not my strong suit.  I think that is an area I get to focus on next year because I am getting the sense that my One Word for 2013 is Dream. Just the word brings up issues in my heart, so I guess it’s time to get working on them. Back to this year though, rest.
I have become more aware of my thinking, obsessing. I have created a few habits to help me rest. I take 15 minutes in the morning to make an agenda for the day. This involves consulting God and my task list. I need to add a time in the early afternoon to asses where I’m at and make any needed adjustments. I turn more thoughts to prayers.
I am aware of the need to continue to rest, to learn more of Him so I rest more easily.  I feel an urgency to be very firmly grounded in Him, able to rest no matter what happens around me. The darkness grows darker, so the light must shine brighter to overcome it. His light can only shine through me if I am resting in Him.
Did you learn anything about rest this year?
Did you have One Word of your own?
Will you have one for 2013?

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