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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Finding Rest in the Battle

We are in a battle. I often forget. I often fail to prepare like it’s real. 

It is real. So real it’s exhausting. The enemy never forgets. He is relentless. He loves that I forget. 

If I am in battle from a spiritual source how am I to rest?

“The battle is mine” says the Lord.

This has often tripped me up. I’m in a battle, but it’s His. I need to fight, but I’m supposed to rest.

What I am beginning to see is my fight is within myself. I must come into agreement with the victory Jesus has already won. Satan is defeated, sentenced to eternal destruction. The sentence is waiting on the patient love of God to be carried out. The waiting is for us who have been found to help find more who are still lost. Satan is using it to his advantage. Since he’s not dead he’s not acting like it, though too often I am.

The fight within me is to control my thoughts, bringing them captive to Jesus. To think good, true, pure, lovely, honest, and praiseworthy thoughts. To pray without ceasing. To always rejoice and give thanks in all things.

In fighting this internal fight I rest. I rest in the Father’s love and protection. As I submit to Him he takes care of the battle around me. As I draw near to His heart I can better hear His voice and better recognize the enemy. I rest, fixed and firm on Jesus’s work finished on the cross. Satan nor any person can truly hurt me because for me even death is gain.

The rest is in remembering who He is, what He has done, and what He has promised to do.

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