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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Word 2013

2012 was the first year I heard of and tried One Word, choosing one word to focus on for the year instead of a list of resolutions. I felt God wanted me to focus on rest. I learned some things about rest and how to rest. I'm not as rested or really as peaceful as I would like to be, but then maybe I never will be, realistic expectations are not my strong suit. Having "dream" be the One Word for 2013 will be a growing experience working that out.

What does it mean?
Does God want us to dream?
Why would we dream?
What about God's will instead of ours?
What happens to our faith when it doesn't work?
Do you have dreams?
Are dreams for God's glory alone? Can we have dreams for our peace and comfort?

My intention is to spend time every week studying, reflecting and the writing about my One Word. The posts will be here on Wednesdays. I have my own questions and issues about dreaming I hope to work through. If you have thoughts or questions on dreaming I welcome you to join my journey. You can comment below. I will always do my best to respond.

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