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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dream or Not

Dream –
I want to dream and I don’t.
Dreaming is energizing and exciting.
Dreams not coming true is heartbreaking hard.
Dreams bring purpose and focus.
Living without a dream brings confusion.
I had a dream to start this year off with well prepared posts, possibly even following an outline to be sure I cover what I intend to cover this year. I got to the end of 2012 and realized I had not written or researched all I wanted to about rest.
Instead I am writing this in a quick 15 minutes because I didn’t get to it earlier. Not quite back in the swing of things since the Christmas break I guess. Or it’s just me because I often didn’t have my posts ready when there was no holiday break.
I still want to wrestle out in writing the dream or not issue.
I’ll keep working on making time to research, process and write.
I hope you will keep working on your stuff and follow along with me as I work on mine.

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