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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rest, Reconciliation – Where to Begin

Rest n.
2. a state of reconciliation with God. (Matt 6)
Reconciliation n. 2. 
In Scripture, the means by which sinners are reconciled and brought into a state of favor with God, after natural estrangement or enmity; 
This is where true rest begins. Until we are reconciled to God all the rest in the world will not satisfy the restlessness in our souls. Rest begins when we begin to “do” rest.
Rest v.
2. To cease from labor, work, or performance.
God has done all the work to reconcile us to himself.  Jesus did the work so we can rest from our striving to be right with God, to impress him, to make him love us, notice us, or accept us. He already has. God loved and still loves.

Do you know this rest? Are you fully persuaded of God’s unfailing, unchanging love for you?
I’m not. I mean I believe he loves me. I know in my head. I know in my spirit. I am at rest in my eternal reconciliation. 
Yet somewhere I don’t know because I am not at rest today. How can he accept me today? I was grouchy. I was mean. I joined in my child’s tantrum. I squandered the precious time he has given me. I still strive for people’s attention and approval. I still act like I need to have it all together before he can use me, before he’ll listen. Before I’ll listen.

So I must rest [9. To lean; to recline for support; 10. To stand on, to be supported by; 12. To lean; to trust; to rely;] in his Word. He cannot lie. If he says he loves me he does. If he says I am forgiven I am. If he says we are reconciled through the suffering, death and resurrection of his Son then we are.
I will be changed by my resting far more than by my striving.
I was resting here.
God loves me.JPG
I seem to have forgotten.
I will rest here again. Reconciled.
Where are you resting this week?

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