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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jake & Jesus is One!

Kelly's Jake & Jesus
Jake and Jesus are best friends. They do everything together. Jake talks to Jesus everyday. Learn how you too can become a lifelong friend of our Savior!
Published by Tate Publishing

Author bio:
Kelly Hagen lives in Kentucky with her family. She enjoys being a stay at home mom, and filling her children’s hearts with God’s Word.

You can find Kelly on :

Kelly’s Jake & Jesus


Kelly shares some thoughts on friendship:

Friends are a special thing to have in your life. It's something Jesus wants us to have. They can encourage us, lift our spirits when we are down. Share in our happiness. But we must remember that we are human. Even the "best" friend you have can hurt your feelings, and let you down. But the good news is...Jesus will never hurt us, or let us down. He loves us and forgives us. He doesn't hold bitterness or anger towards us. We sometimes do-even not knowing it. So it's important to remember not replace your friendship with Jesus with someone else. Put Him first and all else will be taken care of. Try your best everyday to "live" out that friendship for your children, spouse and other friends to see, so that they too may find the one true "best friend" in the world....Jesus!

Reviews for Jake & Jesus:

Jake & Jesus, by Kelly Hagen, is a small children's book with adorable illustrations and a huge message. Jake convinced me of his love for his best friend, Jesus. With Him, he could talk and play, sing and pray--anytime. Best of all, Jake gave Jesus the gift of his heart.

My only regret was that the book ended too quickly.

Linda Robinson, Author of When Love Abounds 

Jake & Jesus is a heartwarming story of a young boy's love for Jesus. Through reading this book, young children will learn about Jesus, and how they too can have a personal relationship with Him. This book is a wonderful tool for parents to use to help lead their child/children to Christ. It's also full of colorful illustrations. 

Author Terri Burnell 

Kelly's book, Jake & Jesus is such an adorable children's book. It really speaks on a child's level to let them know that Jesus can and will always be their best friend.

Lisa Davis Budzinski author of At the End of the Day

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