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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jellybeans - Jesus Uses What I Give Him

Easter 2012 is just around the corner, April 8. Today I'm sharing a devotion from soon to be released Easter is About Jesus: Family Devotionsfor the Easter Season.

Coloring page and ornament at the bottom of this post.

Jellybeans - Jesus Uses What I Give Him 
Jesus took the five loaves and two fish. He looked up to heaven and thanked God for the bread. He divided the bread and gave it to his followers for them to give to the people. Then he divided the two fish among them all. All the people ate and were satisfied.Mark 6:41-42
Do you know that Jesus loves for you to give to him? You may not think you have much to give. Jesus knew a boy who thought that, too. There was a crowd of thousands of people listening to Jesus. They listened all day. They got hungry. A boy who was listening to Jesus had a lunch of five pieces of bread and two fish, which was not very much. He knew it wasn’t very much, but he gave his food to Jesus. Jesus blessed the boy’s gift and made it multiply until everyone had enough to eat and there was more food left over than they started with. Jellybeans are small and may not seem like much, but they can remind you that Jesus makes a blessing from whatever you give him.

More Time with God


  • How does your family give to Jesus? 
  • Can you remember a time when Jesus used what you gave? Share what happened. 
  • Are there new ways your family could give to Jesus? 

Activity Ideas:

  • Read about the boy who gave his lunch to Jesus in Mark 6:34-44.
  • Draw a picture of the boy giving his lunch to Jesus.
  • Draw Jesus using what you give him.

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Coloring page and ornament
Ornament Front

Ornament Back
Coloring page

Print coloring page full size or print small to color your own ornament.

Print ornament front and back and glue together, add a ribbon for hanging if you like. Make any size you want.

If the picture won’t print directly you can right click and select “save”, then print from that file. Let me know if you have trouble.

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