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Monday, September 26, 2011


Needing room to grow

I greatly enjoyed working in a friend’s garden this summer. I know nothing of gardening so I did lots of thinning and weeding – I can at least identify the wanted plants from the weeds!
I was thinning some greens last week thinking “Why do I need to pull these healthy plants?” A very foolish thought I knew right away. Every plant may be fine now as little more than a sprout. For the plant to reach its potential, be what it is designed to be it needs enough space to grow. Crowed conditions lead to problems and lack of productivity.
As I pulled the plants God spoke to my heart. Ideas are the same way. They need room to grow and be developed. Trying to implement too many ideas will lead to problems and lack of productivity. I have been struggling with so many ideas for writing and marketing and networking; not to mention my home and children. It is time to do some thinning. In thinning the plants the pulled ones are wasted- Thankfully not so with ideas. I can save ideas for another time. I can share them with others who have resources to make them grow. Some are simply not that good.

Productivity Potential

The first area of thinning is my online activity. I believe an online presence is important. I also think it needs to be quality, something worth having.  Something worth connecting with. The idea of an online presence is to build community. In my effort to “get out there” I have joined and started too many things. My online presence seems to me quite flaky, not building community like I want. I cannot maintain all the places I currently have online.

My “thinned” online presence looks like this: I am focusing on learning to build relationship and consistency in just a few places. First- my blogs. Kove’s Blog is where I write regularly, sharing encouragement, thoughts and lessons on my journey to be the Christian, wife and mother God destined me to be.  I created a schedule of topics so I can track what I need to write and initial if I have a post scheduled. Thoughts for Authors is just beginning, infrequent posts for now. It is focused on new authors and those considering publishing. I will share my experience, advice and things I find helpful. Next- facebook and twitter, mostly facebook for now – very much a learning experience of what to post, Twitter is even more of a mystery to me.  

As a result of my “thinning” Kove’s Blog from www.KovesCove.com will be moving here.

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