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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Learning to Rest

Preparing for the first show of the season I had huge lists of things to be done. I was trying very hard to figure out the ideal, display, advertising and the like. And I did not like myself. I did not feeling like I was failing because I could not in good conscience get it all done. To come near accomplishing it all I would have needed to neglect my homeschooling, house and husband, more than I maybe was.
I decided to practice what I was preaching, Rest. I didn’t even bother to try whittling down my list. I started over completely. This time only what HAD to be done went on the list. I needed a display with updated prices. I did not need to completely recreate everything because it would possibly be better. I wanted to have a brochure to hand out. I didn’t need it. I had materials already.
It was another lesson of the same sort. Rest. I can’t do it all. More over God doesn’t expect me to. Thankfully neither does my husband. It’s only me that thinks I can or at least should be able to do it all, and maybe more. The voice of my Savior saying “my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” was drowned by my expectations. Many of these expectations I had projected on myself from others opinions – most of who I don’t even know. See instead of going to my Savior to pick up the yoke and burden he held for me I was going to the “experts” with their lists of things one “must do” to be successful, to sell books. That’s only one area of my life. Then there all the opinions about what a good Christian homeschooling mom is to be about, not to mention house keeper, cook, blogger, mom, Christian and wife. My lists are long in all these areas.
I’m trying to rest. Each day this week I have taken 15 minutes to sit with God and ask for his yoke for my day. I saw from preparing for the show that I have way more ideas than I can pursue. I’ve seen this before, too. I have decided to record my ideas, but I don’t get to act on them unless God puts it on my to-do list. The list is much shorter and less demanding when I write it with him.
I’m still behind. Things neglected while I chased other ideas. I’m working on how to corral my thoughts, prioritize my time and tasks. I am learning to rest.
Question: Do you take on others expectations as your own?
Challenge: Ask God for his expectations. He is so loving and gracious they will always stretch you enough to depend on him but never enough to break you in two.

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