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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanlsgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!
I really wanted to have another post about rest done for today. Right now I just don't seem to have the time or frame of mind for the writing I want to do. I also neglected to begin recording the things we are thankful for as I usually do in November. So today I'm taking a few minutes to record some of the blessings in my life.
God: My Father, Savior, constant companion and friend. His goodness and love are beyond my understanding, yet I continue to benefit from them every moment.
Family: My husband who adores me. His love and acceptance of me astound me.
My children who are growing in height and maturity are truly a blessing to me.
Time with family near and far meeting.
A namesake (new niece - GuriAnne Mukkove) the first ever for me.
A warm solid house in the midst of winds.
Plenty of food stored in my house.
Fun new toys to make my life easier.
Friends to share their life's journey even when they're hard.
Friends appreciate help and see Jesus in me.
Customers:Families who share their joys of using my books together.
The freedom to worship and think to choose to be thankful and rejoice always.
I have pictures in my mind I'd love to take and share with you of many of these blessings... maybe next year.
 I hope you and your family have time, take time, to be thankful this Thanksgiving and always.
 Happy Thanksgiving!
Watch on the 26th for an exciting collection of Christmas encouragement and give away!

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