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Monday, September 24, 2012

Managing My Minutes, Do I really Need To? Gabby Mom Review

The Gabby Moms review for September is part one of Lorrie Flem’s new Scheduling bundle. Since it’s new, with new content the links are still on their way. I’ll add them here when it’s ready. As always I'm giving my honest opinion.

Managing My Minutes, Do I reallyNeed To? Explains why scheduling is important, what God’s thinks of managing our time, and points to more resources for creating schedules. It outlines the benefits of having a schedule, compares routines and schedules, and deals with many common objections to creating or following a schedule. 
Included are:
Why scheduling is a valuable investment
Difference in routine and schedule
Insights from Nehemiah: Know your resources, prepare, get help
Recommendations of more of Lorrie’s resources on scheduling
Admonition to pray and seek God 
My favorite section was Nehemiah: Rebuilding Walls, Restoring Lives. It’s a brief study through Nehemiah that is really about preparing your heart for scheduling, evaluating your life and taking action.All things I'm in the midst of doing right now, I suppose that's why it spoke to me.

If you are not sure a schedule is worth the effort, or if you could ever make one work for your family this may help you out. If know how to schedule and just haven’t done it for real in your family this may give you the boost and encouragement you need.

Check out more at http://www.eemagazine.com/

Do you have a schedule? Routine? How are they working?

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  1. Thanks for the review Mukkove. I am in the beginning stages of working up a routine for my 2 littles and myself, now that the older boys are in public school. This also came at just the right time for me.