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Monday, October 22, 2012

Mom's Attitude & Gratitude – Gabby Mom Review

This month’s Gabby Mom's review is a sneak peek at a new audio bundle Lorrie Flem of Eternal Encouragement is putting together. 
 I really like audio products because I find more time to listen than to read. I may not glean as much from listening while I do chores, but I am far more likely to listen again, where I may not sit down to read at all. Lorrie also included a pdf with outlines and some helpful exercises in implementing what you heard. 

The sneak peek focused on the power of a positive attitude. Being a ministry to mom’s the first session focuses on mom’s attitude and how it sets the tone for the home. I have listened a few times and hope to listen more. She is right in her teaching, but there are so many areas where I need work. It’s a little like being scolded, hard to take, but very needed. It’s a short session so I hope listening frequently will remind me of the changes I am trying to make and remind me of why it is so important for me to be a good example.
The other sessions in the preview focus on gratitude. Gratitude is such an important character quality. Lorrie does a great job of presenting not only why it is worth cultivating, but also ideas on how to cultivate gratitude in you and your children. 
Beginning the holiday season with new lessons or a refresher on gratitude would be easy with this new bundle from Lorrie Flem.

Lorrie’s team is hoping to have this bundle ready November 1, 2012. Here's where you'll find the details after November 1: http://www.attentionmoms.com/

As always my review is my honest opinion and the product sent to me for review because I’m a Gabby Mom.

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  1. I also found the audios a much needed "reminder". Thanks for sharing!