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Friday, June 8, 2012

"What's for Dinner Mom?" Review

This giveaway is closed, but it's still a great book :)
Trying to figure out what to make for dinner every night is tiring. I don’t want to think of new things to make, yet I don’t want to make the same things so much my family doesn’t want to eat them anymore. I have considered many different options. However I find yet again I’m stuck not knowing what to make or what to put on my grocery list. 
What's For Dinner, Mom?
Price $12.97
This is why I was quite excited to see the topic for this month’s Gabby Mom review. Lorrie Flem, the mother of eight, has written a cooking resource called "What's for Dinner Mom?". This is a nearly 200 page spiral bound cook book and SO much more.
I figure a woman who has figured it out for a family twice the size of mine has to have some insights I can benefit from. I was right. Lorrie shares her successes and failures with simplifying the cooking for her family. This includes an overview of several different methods, what she liked about them, what didn’t work so well. There are tips for freezing your meals. Lorrie provides insight into setting up your kitchen to work for you. Beyond the tips and advice there are recipes. Recipes tried not only by Lorrie’s family, but other families, too. You’ll also find: (From EE’s description)
  • A revolutionary bulk-cooking plan that won't kill you
  • Tightwad shopping tips
  • Resourceful storage ideas
  • Freezer know-how
  • What kitchen tools are worth the investment
  • Time saving suggestions
  • Ideas on how to include the children
  • And of course, scrumptious family recipes, each one tested and the results listed for you to see
  • Tips and directions for a month's worth of meals in a few afternoons
This is a book I look forward to using. Reading Lorrie's journey inspires me to keep going and finding what works for me and my family.
There are two ways you can get a copy for yourself. First, you can head over to the EE website and purchase a copy for $12.97. Second, you can leave a comment here, be sure to leave your email address so you can be contacted if you win. One winner will be chosen June 23 from the winning Gabby Mom’s blog. To increase your chance of winning visit all the Gabby Moms and encourage them as well. 
Here they are: Gabby Moms 2012 

I received a digital copy of this great book in exchange for my honest review. If you and I win we will get a real spiral bound edition in the mail. Be sure to comment soon!

This giveaway is closed, but it's still a great book :)
Amanda had the winning blog. Check it out!
Question: How do you decide what's for dinner?
Challenge: Plan out a week or more of meals with a grocery list. If you usually do - congratulations! 


  1. I tried the mac & cheese recipe tonight when I didn't know what to cook. It was VERY good.
    I love how you put all the GM's blog links so your readers can get a better chance to win...ingenious!

    1. Thank you, Cindy! Maybe Mac & Cheese will make the menu plan for this week. It sounds wonderful.

  2. Back in the world of cooking for a picky new-teen after being past that for several years. This book sounds like a good resource for fresh ideas!

    1. What an adventure! I'm proud of your for stepping up to the task. Thank you for reading, too.

  3. And so it begins...My four year old asked me just last week for the first time, "What are we eating tonight for dinner Mommy"? I desperately NEED this book. And a follow up question: "Why to they (my family)want to eat EVERY night"? =)

    1. I know, why not eat only some nights? right? This book does provide some great ideas though. I hope to practice them over the summer so when our fuller schedule fall comes around I have some new tools and know how to use them! Thank you for reading and commenting, too.

  4. Great idea to list all the Gabby Mom blogs. I am going to try to take your challenge! I need to :)

    1. Thank you, Carie. You'll be glad you took the challenge. It helps so much to have a plan. Sometimes I ask the kids what they would like to eat and go from there. Go for it!