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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The List That Matters

I am a list person.
I like to write lists, especially of things to do. Not so good at doing the lists, but I love to write them. It feels productive and clears out my head.
I was inspired last week by Amy Volk to write the list that matters. When I go to sleep at night, when another month or year has passed, when I’m ready to leave this world, what really matters?

My List That Matters

  • Believe and receive God’s unfathomable love for me. This is hard, but I’m getting better.
  • Live out my relationship with God honestly in front of my children. I want them to know God. It would break my heart for them to have a religion or a head filled with facts about God and not know him.
  • Learn to communicate effectively. Practice with my husband and children. I struggle with know when and what to say. I guess that’s why I like to write, I can edit. My thoughts come out more clearly on paper than when I speak, too.
  • Schedule time where no work, research, or internet is allowed. Even though I am a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom I think I would qualify as a workaholic. I am almost always with my children, but rarely 100%. I think this can be more damaging. If I was gone working they would not see me for a logical reason. How hard when I’m there but always “too busy” or have “things I need to get done”.
  • Enjoy & bless my children. Each is such a precious gift. They have all entered double digits and I know my time is short. There is so much more I want to teach them, so much more I want to do with them. I want strong relationships with them so we will stay in relationship when they are grown.
  • Practice gratitude. Focusing on the good is another area that needs lots of work. I will speak a grateful thought when I think it. I will look for things to be thankful for. Express specific thanks to my husband for the wonderful man he is.
  • Make time for friends. Last year was very tough. Through the struggles and changes I did not create time to get together with friends, for me or my children. Time to start again.
  • Pray instead of worrying or obsessing. I never thought I was a worrier. I don’t worry about big things. I worry about how I come across or how I’ll be received. I obsess about how to deal with something, or talk about something. This obsessing of mine I have come to see is worry. God has it all under control and supplies my every need, even the right words or strategies. I’m learning to walk in that truth.
  • Equip my children for the victorious life Jesus suffered for them to have. Each of us was created for good works; know by God before time began. I want my children to know how they were made with personality strengths and weaknesses, gifting, interests, and skills. I want them to understand scripture and all God has in store for them. I want them to know his voice.
  • Create a weekly time to refocus on this List That Matters.

Question: What’s on your list that matters? Do your actions match your list?
Challenge: Write your own List That Matters. Find one thing you change if life right now doesn’t match your list.

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