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Monday, October 3, 2011

Pastor Dennis “Joy – Fruit of Righteousness”

From John 15:1-15

v11 Jesus joy in us
Jesus was very joyful – Hebrews 1:8b, 9 oil of gladness above all others
We may have to smile by faith.
Psalm 16 say sin the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy
Kingdom is Love, joy and righteousness

John 14 ended with Jesus saying it was time to leave the upper room. Likely the group was walking toward Gethsemane during the conversation in John 15.
 Points from v 1 -8, 16
1)   Jesus is the Vine – source of everything good2)   The Father is the vinedresser, the fruit inspector
          Vinedressers prune for more productivity, pruning redirects the energy of the plant toward bearing fruit.3)   Believers are branches4)   We are chosen to bear eternal fruit
          What is eternal fruit?Righteousness (Phil 1:9-11 & Heb 12:11), Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22, 23) Influencing the world for good to God's glory.
We are to imitate the Father and inspect fruit as well.

How we respond to discipline will determine how much fruit we produce.
Leaves are impressive and showy, but they are not fruit, not eternal. Even if the leaves are serving your whole life, healing the sick and raising the dead, if it is not done for the glory of God it is not righteous and not eternal.

How do I become more fruitful?
Abide in the Word of God, words and person – connected to the Vine
          Meditate on, take in, act on, and speak
The Father is speaking and directing, we must listen and obey.
Abide in his love
          Meditate on, take in, act on, and speak

God wants to talk to me about me, not only things to do, things to change or work on, but me. I am a child and he wants a Father/child relationship not a master/servant relationship. God speaks good things, life giving words.

An abiding relationship with the Father equips us to advance the Kingdom.

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