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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sought Out by Jeannie Pallett

As I was thinking of things I needed to do before traveling to help my mother-in-law for a few weeks I thought about my blog. I really want to keep going with my weekly posts on rest. I also want to be realistic and not set myself up to fail. God blessed me with the idea to ask fellow authors and bloggers who have blessed me with their writing to share their thoughts on rest. The next few weeks I will be doing just that. I hope you are blessed as I was.
Welcome Jeannie as she shares a beautiful message on resting.

Sought Out by Jeannie Pallett 

God is so amazing in the clarity of His answers to our generic questions.

The other morning I asked Him what He wanted me to do that day ~ my usual plan has been to attend Aqua fit classes three mornings a week ~ admittedly I was feeling very much as if I hadn't been spending quality time with Him or my duties in my sphere of influence.  However, I still wanted to go to the pool...

Anyways, I was on the loveseat with coffee, notebook and my Bible, rearranging things, asking Him the Question, when my Bible slid off the arm of loveseat and plopped, open into my lap.  Now I am not a point and read kind of girl but here is the underlined verse my eyes landed on:

"And you shall be called Sought Out."  Isaiah 62:12

My heart! My heart just melted within me as I realized He, the Mighty God, Lord of All Creation is seeking after me, and He wants time spent with me.

"To perfume and prepare me for service."

He is saying to me, as He is seeking me, "Be still,  hush, quiet, slow down.  Know Me as your God, as your Salvation and Redeemer.  Be still My child. Be still.

I know your desires and I know My plans and purposes for you.  Be still ~ allow the alignment of your will, desires and dreams to click in place with the plans of the Spirit I have for you.

Be still.  Can you see how close you are?  Be still, you will hear the click of the alignment.

Be still for I seek after you, I desire you to be in My Presence.  I have sought you out and marked you as My Beloved, I have sought you out as one who loves Me and longs to be of service to Me.

Do you have any idea Child, how much it pleases Me, pleases My heart when My childrens' deepest longings and desires are to be of service to Me? That is why I have called you Sought Out.  Will you yield and will you surrender?  Will you say, "Here I am? Send me!"

You can only go if I have prepared you. That is why I say, "Be still." I search your heart.  I love getting to know you, watch as you walk in the ways I have taught you.  I take such great delight as you present yourself to Me.  Truly, your presence is such a precious gift to Me.

Come, for I have called you Sought Out.  I have already found you, and now I am calling you out.  Now I am putting my finger upon your life and saying, "Jeannie, Gracious Gift, I have called you Sought Out.  I know where you are, but I long to hear your heart and thus I seek you out."

"I don't want to worship from a distance, Lord; I want to come into that holy place, that place where holiness dwells.  Cleanse my heart by the Blood of Jesus.  I ask You to forgive my sin that I might enter, whiter than snow and yet dripping red ~ You have harboured me Lord, kept me in a safe place in the midst of the storms of life.

You seek me out.  I have no gift to bring my King save for a heart that longs for You.  I seek You out, Lord; I seek to know the essence of You.  What constitutes that beautiful fragrance, what constitutes your heart?  I want to know.

I am undone, for how shall I ever touch Your holiness ~ how shall I ever gaze upon Your fiery brilliance... Father, thank You.  You understand that I keep wondering, "What about me?  What about me, what is my purpose?  It seems to be the question of my life.  What about me, Lord, what is Your plan and purpose for me?

And in part, Your answer is, "I have called you Sought Out."

Romans 9:18 tells me that You have had mercy for me.  I receive Your mercy O God that You have laid up for me.  I receive Your mercy.

You reveal my heart in verse 20 ~ "Will you say to Him who formed you "Why have you made me like this?"

The Potter has power over me ~ He has chosen to make me a vessel for honour.

Romans 9:23 is telling me that He wants to make known to me, ~ a vessel of mercy ~ the riches of His glory ~ He long ago prepared me to be a vessel who carries His glory for His honour and glory.

And so again He says, " And I have called you Sought Out, Sought One, My Beloved, I have made you for Myself"

2 Timothy 2:21 " Therefore, Jeannie, because you have repented and are dripping red with the Blood of Jesus, you will be a vessel for honour, sanctified, set apart (because I have called you Sought Out) and you are useful to Me, your Master, prepared for every good work."

You are prepared because you have allowed yourself to be the Sought One.

You have allowed stillness to be active in your life so that you would see My hand and My power at work on your behalf.  Powerful.

As My servant, you will pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on Me with a pure heart.  You will not be alone; you will be with those I have called you to serve with.  As My servant, you will be gentle to all; you will be able to teach.  You will be patient walking with humility and with gentleness and humility correcting those in opposition.

When I call you "Sought One" it means I want to be in your presence Child. Our relationship is ongoing and it is built upon the bricks of truth and revelation is the mortar."

Jeannie Pallett is a woman who is being molded and shaped by the hand of God and is learning the joy of surrendered obedience to her King. He is bringing her through tragedy into triumph and she writes and speaks from a perspective of victory knowing that Jesus is truly the Overcoming One in her life.
Jeannie has discovered that it is the lessons of the heart that impact and change lives and is passionate about the family of God learning to live in the fullness of faith.
Jeannie and her husband are currently facing the biggest battle of their lives and yet choose to declare victory and inspire and encourage many.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your message of rest. "Be still." This is a message I need new every moment lately. He is seeking me if I will "be still" and listen I would realize more.